Saturday, 21 January 2012


Adjustable cam pulley 

Price: Rm380

Specifics and Benefits:
Increase Horsepower and Torque without any Cam Changes and are ideal for Heavily Modified Engines
Made from high quality Aircraft T7 CNC Billet Aluminum Material
CNC-Machined Heavy-Duty Durable Light Weight Design
Direct Bolt-On Replacement for Stock Gears with Perfect Fitting
True Laser-Etched Markings on the Leading Edge of the Gear 
Anodized finish
Professional Installer is Highly Recommended (No Instruction Included)
Reduce shift throw for approximately 45-50%
Decrease shift time and length
Improve engine performance 15% - 35%
Reduce fuel consumption 10% - 25%
Lightest Cam Gear in the Market
Fully Balanced Cam Gear
Made In USA

satria gti/putra/saga/

Clutch Racing Kits


Suitable for:
Mirage 4G91 , 200mm
Mirage Mivec 4G92 / Satria GTI 4G93 NA , 215mm
Lancer EVO 1~3 VR4 4G63 , 225mm 
Lancer GSR 4G93T 
Eterna 6A12T
Lancer EVO 4-6 , 4G63 CN/CP9A , 230mm
Lancer EVO 7-9 4G63 , 240mm
GEN2 1.3/1.6 Campro s4PH 200mm
Perdana S4 2.0L NA 215mm
B series - EF9, EF8 , 220mm cable clutch transmission 
B series - DA6 DB8 DC2 EK4 EK9 220mm Hydraulic transmission 
K series - EP3 DC5 CL7 , 215mm 
H22A F22B, BB1 BB4 BB6 CL1 , 220mm
F20C , AP1 S2000

Pully Racing

RJC Race Crank Pulley
Price: Rm 250

- 100% Brand NEW in BOX

- Crank pulley nissan rb25 model 29137 on the left 
- Crank pulley RB26 model 29136 on the right 

#JASMA lighten racing crank pulley are manufactured on the latest multi-Axis CNC machines from the lightest grade 6061-T6 aluminium, making them immensely lighter than their factory stell counterparts. Test show that an average 2.7HP gained from every pound of weight that is reduced from the crankshaft.

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